Development of Health and Medical Research for Long Similar to Successful Marathon Running


On the occasion of Inaugural issue, Editor of Journal of Health and Medical Research has submitted an editorial. The Journal of Health and Medical Research is thanking the editor for his immersive support to the Journal.


Editor Hiroshi Bando who is a Professor at Department of Medical Research, Tokushima University, Tokushima, Japan.


Editor has congratulated the journal on its inaugural issue and explained the role of medical journals has been important in the world, and it is necessary to widely cover health and medical research fields. A variety of research for human should be multifaceted, including bio-psycho-social, economic, ecological, political and other aspects. This article describes the topics of sports and marathon runners with world record, and the tips of successful running for long without injury.


The editorial is about Tokyo Olympics Paralympic Games are approaching one year [1]. The authors have been involved in advising Paralympic candidates and Masters Athletes, and in health medicine lectures and workshops. Among them, we have proposed effective running methods such as forward leaning and flat grounding without injury [2]. The purpose of this paper is to pursue better running from analysis of excellent runners [3].


Eliud Kipchoge (1984) is a Kenyan long-distance runner, who has been well-known across the world. He won a bronze medal at 5000 meters in 2004 Athens and silver medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Further, he won a gold medal in marathon in 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. After that, he established marathon world record with the time of 2:01:39 in 2018 Berlin Marathon, which was breaking news [4]. Then he was been called as "The greatest marathoner of the modern era".


In summary, the analyses of the running of the greatest marathoner and the characteristics of down stairs were described in this article. They show the importance of center of gravity movement and relax of the knee. As the gravity on the earth can be effectively utilized, various knowledge and information of this journal will be useful for future development of health and medical research.


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