Translating Systems Medicine into Clinical Practice

Image The medical research and clinical practice community has long recognized that many diseases and conditions are not homogeneous. While the concept of an “average” patient has been the status quo, we are starting to see the limitations of this practice in that the cost of developing new medications are escalating while the improvements of patient outcome through these treatments are marginal. Policy makers around the world are increasingly recognizing a need for meaningful improvements and in patient outcome that is at the same time economically sustainable, and are thus turning t... Read More

Mitophagy in Health and Disease

Image Mitochondria, the indispensable and highly dynamic, energy-generating organelles in all eukaryotic cells, play essential roles in fundamental cellular processes, including calcium buffering, reactive oxygen species generation, ion homeostasis, lipid metabolism, cellular differentiation, cell death and apoptosis among others. Given the fact that mitochondria are the main sites of high metabolic activity and, hence, a hotspot of metabolic stress, it is not surprising that the impairment of their function is involved in the development and progression of a broad spectrum of pathological condit... Read More

Fertility, Pregnancy and Mental Health - a Behavioral and Biomedical Perspective

Image The survival and biological fitness of a species rely on its capacity to reproduce. In most animal species, the potential for successful reproduction depends on both the male and female physiological and mental health. While fertility and pregnancy have received attention from ancient times until this day, the investigation of the female’s fertility-pregnancy-brain-behavior axis has been limited. Female fertility is dependent on an extensive array of factors and has been regulated through the centuries, varying in methods. According to a recent CDC report, in the... Read More

Medical Image Perception: How Much Do We Understand It?

Image Medical imaging is a core component in medical health care, and accounts for 40% of all UK hospital procedures. Clinical screening programmes for breast and colorectal cancer rely exclusive on medical imaging. The vast amount of imaging data produced by modalities such as CT and MRI, and other imaging technologies are rapidly changing the radiological task. Until the 1940’s radiologists assumed that the reports of trained specialists were a faithful representation of the images’ information content. In subsequent years the issue of observer error began to emerge a... Read More

Medical Imaging for Design and Biomechanical Optimisation of Personalised Medical Devices

Image Personalised medicine is tailored to individual patient needs and is gaining increased attention due to its benefits in reducing side effects and increasing treatment efficacy. Consequently, the demand for more personalised medical devices is growing rapidly and, with advancements in the integration of design, prototyping and manufacturing, personalised orthopedic therapies with improved treatment success and patient outcome are becoming more widely accessible. Classically, most medical devices, such as surgical implants, have been designed and manufactured on a mass scale, a... Read More

Human and Artificial Collaboration for Medical Best Practices

Image One of the most critical issues related to the social and economic impact of artificial intelligence is work automation – and hence the possible disappearance of human jobs. However, just as important is the interaction between human work and artificial agents, which was immediately found to be relevant in medical practice, as a result of the progress made by the application of machine learning algorithms for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes. The promise is usually that application of these technologies will be positive in terms of accuracy, speed, economy and quality of the de... Read More

Submissions open for Health and Medical Research

Image The Journal of Health and Medical Research (JHMR), now in its 2nd year, is the pioneer open access Health journal and is the flagship journal of Lexis Publications.   As an open access journal, we are read by clinicians, allied health professionals, informal caregivers, and patients alike, and have (as with all JHMR journals) a focus on readable and applied science reporting the design and evaluation of health innovations and emerging technologies. We publish original research, viewpoints, and reviews (both literature reviews and medical device/technology/app review... Read More

Chopped: The Salad Competiton Dietary Behaviors: Health Research

Image Journal of Health and Medical Research has published an article entitled “Chopped: The Salad Competiton Dietary Behaviors of Urban CollegeStudents” in its volume 1 Issue 3 written by Michele Montecalvo, Alexis L Holder, Rahim McNeilly, Marianne Ellis.   The article explains about the measure  the  dietary behaviors  of  urban  college  students  18  to  25,  with  an  evaluation  of  anutritional intervention “Chopped: The Salad ... Read More

Journal of Health and Medical Research: Call for papers

Image Journal of Health and Medical Research: Call for papers   Journal of Health and Medical Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal designed for the wide dissemination of research in the field of medicine to worldwide audience. Medical Research covers the basic, applied and translational research conducted so as to aid and build knowledge in the field of medicine. This journal publishes articles from all areas of medical research of international interests. With an emphasis on conceptual breakthroughs and current trends, its goal is t... Read More

Complementary And Alternative Medicine Practitioner’s Management Of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections In Children

Image Journal of Health and Medical Research is a newly launched Journal Announcing Discounts on Article Processing Charges    Journal of Health and Medical Research (Lexis Publishing) has announced almost 50 percent discount on article processing charge to commemorate its upcoming volume. The Editorial Board... Read More