Journal of Health and Medical Research has released its Inaugural Issue


Journal of Health and Medical Research has released inaugural issue for the year 2019, and has published nearly 7 quality articles in its inaugural issue. 30+ editors were added as editorial board members and took the opportunity to review the articles.

The articles released in the inaugural issue includes:

  1. Development of Health and Medical Research for Long Similar to Successful Marathon Running
  2. Effect of Exercises Training on Fatigue, Depression and Physical Activity in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Aim: To compare the effect of aerobic exercise versus stretching and strengthening exercise on fatigue and physical activity in patients with SLE.


  1. Evaluation of Serum Insulin Level as a Marker of Insulin Resistance in Obese with and without Diabetes Type-2

Aim and objective: To measure level of serum insulin in obese persons with and without Diabetes in comparison to normal non-obese non-diabetic controls for determination of Insulin resistance.


  1. Impact of Orthodontic Forces on Pulp Reaction: A Systematic Review

Introduction: Force application to a tooth during orthodontic treatment evokes a biological response of the dental pulp. The aim of this systematic literature review was to investigate the relationship between orthodontic force level and pulp reaction in humans.

  1. Migraine in Malaysian Population: A Cause for Alarm

Headache is the most common disorder of the nervous system, comprising of a number of categories. Migraine is one of the crucial sub-types among them, to be precise. Migraine is holding the third rank in the chronology of disabling disorders across the globe, especially threatening the age group under 50 years, irrespective of the sex. The Malaysian scenario in terms of migraine profiling has not been convincing in comparison to the global


  1. Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting the Out of Pocket Medical Expenditures in Rwanda

In Rwanda, the government has done a lot for its population to access the health services easily. However, it is one of the African countries with the high rate of people with health insurance through Community health service 96% of the population and overall health insurance possession is around 74%. Despite all efforts and high rate of health coverage in general there exist some gaps caused by an increase of out of pocket medical expenditures which might lead to delays of accessing medical health care. However, one of the ways of handling this issue is to predict the out of pocket medical expenditures with accuracy.

  1. Dental Phenotypes in Van der Woude Syndrome: An Integrative Review


Introduction: Van der Woude Syndrome (VWS) consists of a genetic abnormality attributed to mutations in the IRF6 gene, characterized by the presence of paramedian pits in the lower lip, cleft lip and/or palate and hypodontia. Phenotypes of the syndrome are related to the oral cavity, and then other dental anomalies would also be present in this specific syndrome.


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