Scope of Dental Research and Practice: Open Access Journal


Scope of Dental Research and Practice: Open Access Journal

The Journal of Dental Research and Practice specially welcomes studies pertaining to clinical dentistry, and all basic science aspects of physiology, microbiology, structure, chemistry, and developmental biology of relevant oral tissues. In addition, studies evaluating the use of new drugs, new diagnostic strategies and treatments for various kinds of oral and maxillofacial defects, and new biomaterials are also encouraged. Moreover, studies pertaining to psychological interventions, oral health care for the elderly, and improvement of disease treatment outcomes are also solicited.

The Journal of Dental Research and Practice is helmed by an extremely competent Editorial Board comprised of globally acclaimed scientists. Articles published in the journal are subject to stringent peer review in order to ensure high quality. In addition to research articles, the journal also publishes high quality commentaries, perspectives, case reports, and reviews of pivotal importance. The team at the Journal of Dental Research and Practice takes immense pride in providing the authors with a streamlined and efficient publishing experience. The Journal of Dental Research and Practice presents an encouraging platform to aspiring authors for making their invaluable contribution to the field.

Under the Scope of the Journal:

Studies pertaining to oral health such as oral pathology, endodontology, orthodontology, and periodontology, are covered.

Prevention, diagnosis, and management of diseases afflicting the teeth, gums, and mouth, as well as related pathophysiology, molecular genetics, are of special interest to the journal.

In order to create highly impactful and original content, the European Journal of Dental Research and Practice has gathered an expert Editorial Board, comprising of illustrious scientists who ensure that each manuscript is fairly, but stringently peer-reviewed. The decision on all submitted manuscripts will be taken independent of nationality, academic degree and relationship of the author with the journal. Papers will be published approximately 7 days after acceptance.

Manuscript submission:

Manuscripts number will be provided to the corresponding author within 72 hours for the respective manuscript submitted.

  • 21 days rapid review process with international peer-review standards.
  • Timeline of processing from Submission to Publication is 45 days.
  • Manuscript will be published within 7days of acceptance.

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